Christ Follower 4

Pentecost - The Power of God in Your Life! (Part 2).
This week you'll be inspired by Sonja's Story, and get to hear from Ken Rayment answering some of your questions directly, before dropping in on a live discussion tackling head on the questions about the empowering of the Holy Spirit - Where does the term 'Baptised in the Holy Spirit' come from? What is the difference between this and being anointed? How is someone led by the Spirit? What is its Purpose?

Explain - Jesus breathing on his disciples, saying 'Receive the Holy Spirit' on Easter Sunday then the Holy Spirit coming on the day of Pentecost. Can you receive the Spirit more than once? What is the difference between being 'Born of the Spirit' and 'Filled with the Spirit'? How do you know when you have been filled with the Holy Spirit? What about tongues, where does that fit in?


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