Do you feel pulled by outside worldly influences that appeal to something inside you?

We understand that with all the noise it can be hard to know who to be and what to do, while no one really knows how amazing you truly are. Avoid ongoing confusion, isolation and lack of purpose. Realise your true identity while standing on the truth. Form new friendships with like-minded young adults in a safe, caring, yet challenging environment. Watch our young adults Message below


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Becoming More Self-Aware

Sunday 20 September 2020 — 23:29

WELCOME TO Y&Y ONLINE! This week we will be hearing from Dean, have an important message from a guy called Garry and an incredible message from Graci encouraging us to become more self-aware! 

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Don't Put God In A Box

Sunday 16 August 2020 — 29:05


Fellowship & Discipleship

Sunday 19 July 2020 — 41:43


Being His Presence

Sunday 21 June 2020 — 25:17


Being Available

Sunday 17 May 2020 — 31:35


Welcome to Y&Y Online

Sunday 19 April 2020 — 23:03