Child Dedications & Baptisms


We believe dedicating children to God at a young age is a way of giving thanks to him and committing ourselves as parents to help them discover who God is and who he created them to be is very important.

Like to have your child dedicated at a Sunday morning service? Contact one of our team at the church office to find out what's involved in making this happen. 


When kids reach an age of understanding when they have made a personal decision to follow Jesus, the first step in their journey is to be baptised in water.

If one of your kids is interested in being baptised, or you would like some basic information to help you talk with your child about being baptised, check out all the info here:

More Information
Child Dedication Brochure/FormBaptism info for families (pdf)
Application for Baptism

Please complete the following information, which will be used to enable us to  process your baptism application.