Become a Leader

Training and developing Godly leaders

At Berwick Church of Christ we desire to help train and develop godly leaders for effective ministry within the church and community. When mature disciples are thoroughly trained and equipped for leadership roles in the church, they serve with passion and commitment, the church becomes healthy and vibrant, it grows, reaches out to the community and becomes relevant and influential. It all begins with leadership.

The Transforming Leaders series forms the teaching component of basic to advance leadership training.

The types of topics covered in Transforming Leaders:

  • the nature of leadership;
  • the calling and preparation of leaders;
  • the character and qualifications of leaders;
  • leadership principles;
  • leadership practice;
  • different styles and models of leadership;
  • the importance of teamwork and how to build leadership teams;
  • the principles and practice of mentoring;
  • training future leaders;
  • the role of vision in the life and ministry of leaders and the importance of strategic planning for a leader's mission;
  • understanding the difference between leadership and management and the difference between leaders and pastors;
  • the importance of people skills;
  • problem solving and conflict resolution;
  • how to use the authority and power leaders are entrusted with;
  • the different types of biblical leaders and much more.

Leadership is a behaviour - you learn it by doing it. You learn about it by participating in a Transforming Leaders module but you grow as a leader by doing it. Becoming a leader is where the work of the Holy Spirit in your life moulds you, fashions you, tests you, imparts to you and  invests in you.

For mature disciples, beginning leaders and experienced leaders

To have the best possible leadership development track, they need to understand 4 major components that contribute to that development:

  1. God's work in calling and preparing them for leadership - understand and submit to God's preparation work in your life.
  2. Learning about leadership from teaching modules and/or others leaders - learn from the Transforming Leaders modules.
  3. Growing into leadership by doing leadership in some capacity - make yourself available to serve in a leadership capacity as soon as you believe you are ready.
  4. Being mentored and receiving the investment of more mature and more experienced leaders - find a leader further down the road to you and ask them to mentor you in leadership.