What you can do next

1. Discover a bigger purpose to live for

Do you ever struggle to fully experience a meaningful life?

Feeling insecure in your identity, isolated emotionally and obligated by the need of other things. Become confident of who Christ is in you. Become an individual with purpose. Fill your relationships with purpose. Engage your profession with purpose. Live a life that operates from a profound sense of purpose.

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2. Have more fulfilling relationships

Kids Church

Are you fearful of not being able to raise your children with Godly values? At Kids Church, we know how hard it is to raise children in today's culture. That's why we are committed to partnering with you to raise your child to be strong in the Lord and his kingdom principals. Your children will connect through friendships, learn God’s word and experience God’s heart. Become confident and guided so your children are following kingdom principals by watching our online teaching and interactive experiences below with your child.

Become Confident

Fuse Youth

Do you feel isolated, fearful and not connected while searching for your identity and purpose in life? We understand youth are living in a very challenging time of their young lives. Facing peer pressure on a daily basis and sometimes feeling isolated and confused about their identity. Fuse is an environment that encourages and builds self-esteem. Where youth will learn and discover their identity in Christ while growing fulfilling and meaningful friendships. Watch our youth Message below.

Discover Your Identity

Forge Young Adults

Do you feel pulled by outside worldly influences that appeal to something inside you? We understand that with all the noise it can be hard to know who to be and what to do, while no one really knows how amazing you truly are. Avoid ongoing confusion, isolation and lack of purpose. Realise your true identity while standing on the truth. Form new friendships with like-minded young adults in a safe, caring, yet challenging environment. Watch our young adults Message below.

Fulfil Your Potential

Life Groups

Are you feeling empty and disconnected from the church and community? We understand life can be busy and in that busyness, you can feel lonely and disconnected. Feeling unsupported, not accepted, nor loved by a community of friends. You will make healthy relationships which aid in your personal growth. Feeling accepted, supported and connected within church and the community. Contact us and we will connect you into a life group.

Feel Accepted

3. Discover what's unique about you

Search To Find

"Enjoyable and relaxing", "Eye opening", "Accepting", "Healing and freeing". This small online group experience will take participants on a journey of discovery and healing, and be a transformational experience towards becoming the person God intended them to be. Each week this short course includes a variety of real stories, mini dramas, short presentations, and a chance for discussion and self-discovery! Contact us and we will help you start the next Search To Find course or answer your questions.

Start Your Self-Discovery

Growing To Maturity

GTM is a training course for victorious Christian living which focuses on mastering the basic commands of Christ.  Without these being continually applied and reapplied at various growth stages of your life, you will never attain the heights that God has destined you for. Contact us and will help you start the next Growing To Maturity course or answer your questions.

Continue Your Christian Growth

4. Help us form new faith communities

Become part of a community growing team

As with all living things, growth is a sign of life. What makes a community grow is individuals developing loving relationships and addressing needs with their own unique talents, time and treasure!
Do you know your talents?
Can you define your available time for community?
Do you have resources you can use to serve the community?
We can help you discover your capacity to grow healthy communities! Contact us to discover your purpose in growing communities.

Grow Our Community

Become part of a community planting team

New suburbs rise as our population grows. This leads to new neighborhoods, which has the need to form healthy communities. We send healthy growing communities into areas where we can model a life of purpose and hope! These plants give neighborhoods and suburbs the opportunity to access a healthy lifestyle within geographical reach. Let us help you join one of these missional initiatives to plant new communities!

Plant A New Community