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Supporting Individuals Since 1998

Living Springs assists individuals, couples, children and adolecents who are dealing with issues in their lives, through professionally trained counsellors, therapists and mentors. Help is available in self development, grief, trauma and emotional stress. Relationship difficulties, seperation, marriage problems, divorce, parenting problems are also counselled, as well as those dealing with suicide, depression and addiction issues. We also provide Spiritual Mentoring for those who want more out of their spiritual life.

What is Counselling?
Counselling practise recognises that many people will at times benefit from the insight of a Counsellor whose training and experience equips them to assist people in coming to terms with a range of life's issues.A trained Counsellor will help you find the answers you seek.
​What is Therapy?
Therapy is very much the same as counselling and some clients may want a therapeutic plan to help them understand the process of moving into a better life.

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Depression & Anxiety

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Relationship Difficulties