Many people find themselves tired, wounded, hurting, defeated or emotionally stuck... often they have no idea why.  Lifekeys can help.

Woman to Woman

Woman to woman encourages women to take a close look at their relationships and their world. Every woman carries the strengths and weaknesses of her background into family, work and friendships.

This program is designed to give insight into family dynamics, personal attributes, beliefs and values and provides strategies for change. It encourages women to embrace life and invest in a better future.

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Search For Life

This is a Lifekeys program for men and women of any age who are seeking to find answers to the questions, “Am I valued?” “Do I belong?”, “Am I accepted?”. It is also for unchurched people who are searching for answers to questions such as – “Life - where did I come from”?, “Does God exist?”, “Who is the God who is there?”, “Is the creator of the Universe interested in me”?, “How can I have a better life?”.

This program has also helped many Christians who have struggled with the idea that God is a truly loving and trustworthy Father. The small group experience gives participants the opportunity to process what they are hearing and to apply it to their own lives. It will take participants on a journey of discover and healing, and be a transformational experience towards becoming the person God intended them to be.

Courses are 10 weeks and are run periodically each year.


Valiant Man

Developing and maintaining a healthy sexuality is every man’s battle. Valiant Man is about male sexual discipleship. This program is designed to fortify and restore the moral and spiritual integrity of men. Valiant Man challenges all men to fight for their own personal, moral and spiritual vitality and help other men fight for theirs.


Man to Man

Man to Man is for single and married men who are seeking to identify the elements of healthy relationships and healthy responses to life challenges, and who simply want to do life and relationships better.