Growing to Maturity (GTM)

GTM is a training course for victorious Christian living which focuses on mastering the basic commands of Christ.

"You can grow a mushroom overnight, but it takes a lifetime to grow an oak tree."

GTM is designed to take you on a journey of growth towards maturity so you can reach your potential and destiny in God - to not just be as a mushroom, that starts well but doesn't last, but an Oak Tree Believer, who will still be going strong years from now. 

One of the underlying principles on which GTM is based is:

"We are accountable not so much for what we know, but for what we do with what we know."

So regardless of whether you have great knowledge or are very new to Christianity, the challenge is the same - "What are you going to do about it?"

GTM is a training course for victorious Christian living which focuses on mastering the basic commands of Christ.  Without these being continually applied and reapplied at various growth stages of your life, you will never attain the heights that God has destined you for.

The Weekly Meeting

GTM is run as a small-group-based course.  As a group, a key element of each meeting is the growing of relationships through time spent together learning, discussing, having fun, sharing and supporting each other.  As a course, the weekly studies, extra notes, recorded talks, memory verses, personal applications, and weekends all work together to provide what's needed for your growth.  GTM is a place where you can belong and grow, so the more you put in, the more you get out of it!

General Overview

GTM is built around small-group learning using DVDs, Participant Workbooks, personal challenges, weekly recorded audio talks and two life changing weekends.

Prior to GTM 1 starting, guests are invited to attend the GTM Introduction Session.  This is designed to inspire and inform anyone about the benefits and what's involved in committing to the course.  If you missed that session see if you can borrow the DVD and watch the main presentation (39 min).  Better still show it to some others who may like to do the course with you.

The course itself is divided into 2 parts:

GTM 1 ~  An 8 week unit aimed at building strong foundations for freedom and growth.
~  A Freedom Weekend.
GTM 2 & 3 ~  Two further units of 8 weeks each aimed at developing deeper levels of intimacy and obedience to Christ.
~  Retreat with God Weekend.

NOTE:  'GTM 2 & 3' while optional for those who have completed GTM 1, is nevertheless vital for those who want to grow further.

More Info

For more information about GTM courses and costs, please contact the church office on 9702 1011.

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