As a children's ministry our primary focus is helping kids become young disciples who love and obey Jesus.

We believe that this can happen most effectively through a partnership between us as a children's ministry team and the parents of the kids in our ministry. We describe it like this...

Because we like to keep things clear and simple, we encourage all our ministry teams and parents to 'think orange'. This is a simple picture of what happens when the bright light of the church (represented by the colour yellow) combines with the warm heart of the family (represented by red) to guessed it, orange.

While we as a ministry team have the opportunity of spending maybe 40-50 hours each year with kids, the average parent has the opportunity to be with them for over 3000 hours each year. That is why we believe that God has given parents the primary role of discipling their kids, while our role is to support, encourage and resource them for this task however we can.

We are confident that when these two positive, powerful influences on a child's life work together with a shared vision and strategy, kids have the best chance of discovering Jesus for themselves and following him passionately with their lives.

As part of this partnership, here you will find lots of helpful resources and creative ideas for you to use with your family, as well as our 'parents handbook' with all the information you need about our children's ministry and how you may like to partner with us.