Who we are


Being His presence in every place  


To be a movement representing Jesus Christ, transforming lives and communities through the power of the gospel.


We raise and equip followers of Christ who love people, serve their city and grow faith communities


God Honouring

We love God, glorifying and honouring him as our act of worship

Christ Centred

Jesus Christ is the centre of creation, of all that we are and everything we do

Spirit Empowered

We are led by the Holy Spirit who guides, comforts and empowers us for the work of Christ, producing in us the fruit of the Spirit

Bible Based

We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God by which we live

Kingdom Focused

We passionately proclaim the Gospel of the kingdom, bringing about his rule and reign in our community

Loving of all People

We demonstrate God’s love and care for every person in grace and truth.

Our Team & Leadership

Braam Botha

Senior Pastor

Through 23 years of ministry I flourished initiating new projects and clarifying direction with enthusiasm and energy. I believe in meeting challenges proactively, while providing insight and imagination to tasks and projects to support the vision of the church. Exhibiting resourcefulness through strategies and structures is a critical aspect of how I serve the church and her mission.

I serve the community I live in best, by using models and logical systems to meet their needs. Speaking out for change in our communities is a responsibility I take seriously while organising, operating, and assuming the risk for new ideas and approaches is seen as part of that.

Challenging and encouraging personal and/or organisational achievement is a set value in my functioning. Liaison to other service groups, especially those with a novel or unusual focus is critical in creating a wholistic ministry that sees its community as its mission field.

Our Pastors and Ministry Staff

Ken Rayment

Church Planting Pastor

Mat Daniels

Associate Pastor

Andrew Austin

Childrens' Pastor

Michael Rojales

Associate Pastor

Sue Nicholls

Playgroup Ministry Director

Genny Cameron

Youth Intern

Our Elders

Braam Botha

Senior Pastor

Glenda Hutchinson


Michael Rojales


Bronwyn Cameron

Brett Medlin

Matt Ormiston

Arlo Van Rhyn

Ken Rayment

Church Planting Pastor

Our Administration Staff

Melinda Izvekov

Operations Manager


Karen Fletcher

Compliance Administrator

(Tuesdays - Fridays)

Lorraine Wilsher

Receptionist & Admin Assistant

(Thursdays - Fridays)

Jaclyn Szabo

Receptionist & Admin Assistant


Alex Cuss

Receptionist & Admin Assistant


Michelle Jankovic

Communication & Marketing Intern

(Mondays - Fridays)

Our Leaders

Boys Brigade Brendon Cameron
Cleaner Stephen Fletcher
Discipleship & GTM Courses Michael Rojales
Facilities - Bookings / Hire Melinda Izvekov
Food Pantry Cheryl Hamilton
Life Groups Michael Rojales
LifeKeys Courses Melinda Izvekov
Marriage Course Michael Rojales
Newsletter Editor (Focus) Lorraine Wilsher
Seniors - Friendship Group Larry & Sharon Edwards
Techarts Krishan Mahesan
Techarts - Sermon CDs Ray Chapman
Young Adults Mikayla Nicholas
Youth Genny Cameron
annual report 2020