Magnificent return to our onsite gatherings!

Apr 14, 2021

As we celebrate a wonderful first “full-school-term” of activity our hearts are filled with praise and honour toward the Lord for His faithfulness towards us…His church!
We saw a magnificent return to our onsite gatherings and were able to create an ever-improving online experience. The volunteers who returned to their roles did a magnificent job and we celebrate their return to being Christ’s presence in those roles!

2nd Term focus: Serve Your City

How would you spend your last night on earth? Who would you want to be with you? What would you spend your time on? As Christ Followers we refer to His decision on such a night to guide our decision, don’t we?

'Just before the Passover Feast, Jesus knew that the time had come to leave this world to go to the Father. Having loved his dear companions, he continued to love them right to the end. It was suppertime. The Devil by now had Judas, son of Simon the Iscariot, firmly in his grip, all set for the betrayal. Just before the Passover Feast, Jesus knew that the time had come to leave this world to go to the Father. Having loved his dear companions, he continued to love them right to the end. It was suppertime. Jesus knew that the Father had put him in complete charge of everything, that he came from God and was on his way back to God. So he got up from the supper table, set aside his robe, and put on an apron. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the feet of the disciples, drying them with his apron. When he got to Simon Peter, Peter said, “Master, you wash my feet?”
John 13:1-6 MSG

If we are indeed in the “last days” …let us posture ourselves the way Jesus did – by serving! Serving is a magnificent act of worship and followership! When we serve: “we use His gifts to us by pursuing His purposes through us”. It is therefore important to discover yourself as a gift to his purposes as you also discover your giftedness in His purposes.
It is a mouthful…and that’s why we will spend this coming term expounding these concepts as we seek to serve our wonderful city!

Next Baptisms

Following 15 recent Baptisms, and many amazing testimonies, we now have another opportunity for yet more Baptisms on Sunday May 2nd! If you or someone you know would like to be baptised, please contact the church as soon as possible. Phone our temporary number, 9908 2046.

Next Steps

To help assist you in your spiritual growth, we are offering a number of Next Step opportunities for term 2.



For those new to Christianity or exploring spirituality and Faith we are launching two Search to Find Groups.
1. Tuesday 27th April, 7pm starting with a meal and meeting at the church
2. Sunday 9th May, 12:30pm starting with a meal. Hosted in Clyde
Alternatively, if you can gather 5 or more friends or family why not consider hosting your own group.  Book now. 


For those wanting to learn how to practically live out the Christian faith and experience freedom, growth and confidence, then come to the Growing to Maturity (GTM) introductory Session. Starts a 7pm with a meal and meeting at the church. Book now. 

Note: Search option 1 and GTM will combine together for the 7pm Meal at the church on the 27th April. BOOKINGS are ESSENTIAL for both Search groups and GTM.


There are many other options for experiencing belonging, and growth, we can assist you finding the right fit for you. 

For any of the above, please contact the church to book in or discuss further. Phone our temporary number, 9908 2046.


Join us this Sunday as we celebrate dedicating Emilia Jane and Charlotte Anne McIntosh and Indiana and Joshua Grainger.

Partnership Classes

We will be conducting Partnership Classes again on the 25th of April and 2nd of May 2021. This is a 2hr class that orients people in regard to taking up formal partnership in our church. It is repeated over two weeks to make the classes more accessible. You can invite people to enroll via Trybooking or book yourself and attend as a refresher. We will start @ 12:30 after our morning services, so you’ll be able to have a quick snack with us from 12pm in Room 1. Book 25th April here. Book 2nd May here.

Boys Brigade

For over 20 years the Boys’ Brigade has advanced Christ’s Kingdom among boys. Providing a Christian community that supports boys and young men, and assists in their Christian growth, physical development and leadership training, while teaching life skills. For more information, call Andrew Sidebottom: 0415 721 943


Our annual AGM will commence on the 23rd of May. We would love for all our partners to book in on Trybooking for the event as it will be an on-site AGM. We would like to remind you that the reports will be sent out two weeks ahead of time for your convenience. An email will soon be sent out to all partners to help them assess their involvement as partners and to help them prepare for the AGM. Book now.

Young Adults Retreat

Calling all Young Adults & 2021 VCE... Young Adults Retreat is waiting for you! 
WHEN? 28th-30th May 2021
WHERE? Mill Valley Ranch at 525 Tynong N Rd, Tynong VIC
HOW MUCH? $160 per person
Here's the deal, YOU MUST REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Registrations will close 9th May. Book now.

Sunday April 18th service booking

Booking is essential. Book now.

Sunday April 25th service booking

Booking is essential. Book now.
Senior Pastor