Finishing strong… after a tough year!

Nov 19, 2020

We all started 2020 with a twinkle in the eye! At church, momentum could be seen in the increase of numbers from the previous year and the sense of expectation. This was the year of 2020 vision for moving forward. BUT THEN IT HAPPENED: The complete unexpected - a worldwide pandemic, churches everywhere forced to close their doors, business closed and everything ending up in lockdown.

Society has lost so much this past year: economically, relationally, emotionally and the list can go on and on! Along the way you may have lost loved ones, opportunities, expectations and maybe even hope.
It is in dark times like this that the “The Way in the Manger” shines like a star. In fact, Jesus’ birth gives us hope after a year like this! The world is so ready for a Christmas season…but a real one. Not one that just celebrates Saint Nicholas’ generosity (Father Christmas) or any commercialized emblem, but one that helps us rediscover our reason for having hope – He is born!
We will be starting a new series on the 28th and 29th of November called “The Way in the Manger”.  In this series we will look at why we have hope in Jesus and how that translates in the way we live. Be sure not to miss it. This will run all the way to Christmas – so make sure you follow our services Online… and book in for Christmas Day as soon as the booking process is released (this will happen shortly!)
The onsite Christmas service will follow our Covid Safe Plan.

Living Springs Counselling Center

The elders have initiated a process whereby we will refurbish the building where the Living Springs Counselling Center functions from. This will be a great asset in our missional focus of “Mental Health” and we believe that it will serve the community well. We are expecting/hoping you can see first-hand the finished project at our Vision Sunday on the 31st of January 2021.

Worship Pastor Role

As we look forward towards 2021 we are expecting a great year of renewed impact. One of these areas of impact is our new look onsite and online Worship Services. To help us achieve this we have started advertising for a part time Worship Pastor role. Please pray for us, so we would find the right person that would want to serve our church in this capacity.

Fuse Onsite

This coming Friday Fuse (our teens) will be having their first Onsite gathering again! This will be an outdoor event and we are highly excited about this as we know how important this is for our teenagers’ development and what a great job Genny Cameron and her leaders do!

Prophetic Presbytery this Sunday

The next PROPHETIC PRESBYTERY will be held on Sunday November 22nd at 7:30pm.
The presbytery will operate through zoom video meetings.
If you would like to attend to receive a word of encouragement please email Jenny Austin to book an appointment at [email protected]
You may book in as an individual, a married couple or a family (up to 5 people).
On booking you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the zoom meeting.
What do participants need?
The Zoom app on your phone, tablet/ ipad, or computer.
A recording device, such as a smartphone, to record the prophetic word given to you. This is for the purpose of accountability as well as giving you the ability to go back and prayerfully listen over the words that have been shared.
It is recommended that this device is separate to the one that you are using for Zoom.
We look forward to seeing you there.

We love you and pray for you!

Senior Pastor

Being His Presence In Every Place