40 Days of Love

This campaign is designed to deepen our relationships with one another through our life groups, and encourage individuals to take the next step in loving people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the purpose/primary focus of the 40 Days of Love Campaign?
The purpose(s) of this campaign are to:
  1. Deepen our relationships with one another through our life groups.
  2. Encourage individuals and life groups to take the next step in loving people.
Q2.  How long does the campaign go for?
The campaign goes for 6 weeks from 8th February plus a celebration within your group.

Q2.  How do I take part in this Campaign?
  1. Attend Weekend Services – 6 Weekend services.
  2. Participate in Weekly Life Groups – we encourage life groups to meet weekly for 6 weeks to watch the teaching videos and go through the study guides. If you are not in a life group then we suggest that join or start one.
  3. Do the Homework – we encourage all our life groups to be challenged and take the next step in growing relationships by doing the personal assignment and the group assignment.
  4. ​Celebrate! - The idea here is to have a meal together as a life group and celebrate the end of the campaign.
Q3. Is this something I can bring my friends to?
Yes, you can! This campaign will have a powerful impact on both enquirers into the faith and believers alike. The fundamental question of the Campaign, “What on earth are WE here for?” is an ideal starting place for enquirers. Everyone wants to know why we were put on this earth. The questions will be addressed through our Sunday sermons and our weekly life group lessons.

Q4.  Is there a cost to the campaign?
The required study guide (40 Days of Love) costs $15.  There is an optional book (The Relationship Principles of Jesus) that costs $25 should you want to go deeper. There is a DVD (one per group) which can be purchased at $25 if the Youtube option is not feasible.

Q5.  What’s the homework about?
All life groups are challenged to do assignments as individuals and together as a group that show the love of Jesus outwardly, enabling people to meet an area of need in their relevant communities. It would be ideal if the assignments are completed within the 40-day time frame. These initiatives provide a major turning point in the spiritual depth and vitality of each individual and of the group.

Q6. Why Celebrate?
It’s a major milestone to meet together for 6 weeks and perform the assignments. And we encourage you to celebrate this achievement via a meal with your life group. No video studies to watch or study guides to follow.  Simply enjoy the fun, the friendship and the fellowship of one another.

Q7. What’s next?
All life groups are encouraged keep going and to continue growing in community after the campaign. However, if you feel that you can’t continue within the life group and/or would like to join another life group then that’s ok too. For groups/hosts who would like to continue, we have some life group resources that can be found here: berwickchurch.org.au/lifegroup.
Any other questions? Feel free to send them to [email protected] or go to the Info Desk on Sundays.

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